Professional Artist | Creative | Intuitive | Reiki Therapist | Wire Ring and Nail Artist | Entrepreneur at Pernilladoll.

Born 1981 and originally from Vöyri, Finland.

She graduated Alfa Art Taideoppilaitos (Helsinki) in 2010 and is therefore celebrating 11 years as a professional visual artist this year. 

Picture by Miranda Kivekäs.

Pernilla has during these years developed her own approach towards painting and creating. She mixes realistic and abstract art, either on the same canvas or sepereratly. Either way, she enjoys painting cleanly yet intuitively.

She has a way of always pushing herself forward and testing her limits, without losing the quality of the art work. Lately she has been into creating textures and layers and really mastering her own style and vibe. The goal is to truly make you feel something in your heart ❤

Pernilla loves working around a theme and creating unique commissions for her customers. Here is where her strengths will really shine. She reads people’s style and colours really well and interprets it beautifully on the canvas. She integrates stories into a painting; channeling it through music and displaying it through emotion into the canvas.

During 2021 Pernilla will create two different solo exhibitions; one in Vöyri (July) and the other one in Helsinki (September). 

Her art work showcases the same kind of dualism as she herself represents; blending strength and softness effortlessly. She mastered this organic, and for her very true and genuine, way of creating especially in 2020.



Her latest exhibition “Birth of Venus” (3-30.9.2020) at Roasberg was about the birth of a new kind of femininity and embracing one’s unique inner truth and simultaneously accepting it for what it is.

Daring to grow into what you are meant to be, strongly and unapologetically.

Pernilla has been an entrepeneur for 18 years and she is also a beautician/ nail artist (2003) and a reiki healer (2017). Right now she is also working on her own collection of wire rings. She speaks finnish, swedish and english fluently. 


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