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Pernilla Backman is an artist who creates both abstract and realistic art, preferably combining both styles on the same canvas.

She mostly uses oil paint to showcase the vision of her inner world, but she does enjoy trying new materials- like drawing with charcoal and applying goldleaf to her paintings.

The continous play with styles and material add a richness to her interpretation and forces her to come out of her artistic comfort zone, giving her a curious approach to create in her own personal art labroratory.

Inspiration for Pernilla’s paintings has lately been coming from Art Deco, the 1920´s, and The Great Gatsby; to name a few. Her favourite artists are Frida Kahlo and Tamara de Lempicka.

Music is a huge part of her creative process and especially when painting abstracts. She lets herpaint brush (or charcoal) ”dance” on the canvas to the beat of the music helping her create shapes and lines that looks like they would come straight from the heart and soul of her.

The subject of the realistic paintings are usually people or animals: Pernilla cleverly displays the feelings through the subject’s eyes or adds a new kind of spirit to it in the way it’s displayed on the canvas.

Pernilla has also been writing poems for almost all her life and is right now working on her first novel.

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