Birth of Venus

Latest exhibition by visual artist Pernilla Backman

 4-30.9.2020 at Roasberg, opening night was on Friday 4.9.2020.

This was her third solo exhibition at Roasberg. Previous one’s was: 2017 ”Gypsified” and 2018 ”Like a Prayer”.

This exhibition also celebrated her 10 years as a professional visual artist.

One of her strengths as an artist is the ability to beautifully mix realistic and abstract art, but also using different kinds of materials to create texture and layers. Her continous play with style and color adds a richness and depth to her interpretation of an idea or a feeling. She has a very curious and intuitive approach to creating and she channels a lot of emotion into her paintings. 

The goal is to make you feel something, to make you think.

Pernilla (in the middle) with two of her friends at the exhibition opening of “Birth of Venus” 3.9.2020 at Roasberg. Photo by Jonna Hirvonen.

Her art work showcase the same kind of dualism as she herself represents; blending strength and softness effortlessly. She mastered this organic, and for her very true and genuine, way of creating especially during this year. This exhibition is her most personal so far and most of the paintings have been created during the last 8 months.

”Birth of Venus” is about the birth of a new kind of femininity and embracing one’s unique inner truth and simultaneously accepting it for what it is. Daring to grow into whatyou are meant to be, strongly and unapologetically.

For more pictures from this exhibition. click here.

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